Our Story

Actually, we all have different stories. Each one of our team went through different stages in the life before we all converged on this project and started Cybcom Healthcare. As for me I went through different phases greater than anyone of us. There is something interesting, I started my journey as a blogger and after all these years I have reached this project where, although at a bigger, larger, expanded scale, I am doing blogging: Spreading knowledge, publishing facts, revealing secrets and offering guidance. I have been through stages where I did social marketing, affiliate marketing, freelancing and as small jobs as writing sales copies for my clients. I learned and earned most during my time as a freelancer. I have been specialized in client-satisfaction. However, it never satisfied me to work hard to the level of perfection just to have a happy clients. I did jobs I liked I completed projects I detested but in the end what I wanted was to lead a project that was designed to do exactly what I wanted. And that was the beginning of Cybcom.

Our Motivation

This sections finds a small description. No doubt this project is exactly what I always dreamed of doing. Reaching people unanimously, spreading knowledge about most sought out aspects and maintaining a friendly environment of mutual learning. But there are only two simple facts which describe why I am doing exactly this. No other niche, no other industry and no other medium for this. Why the healthcare and why on a blogging website? Those two facts which governed our choice are quite simple…

  • The falling health standard and decreasing satisfaction in life of people around the globe. The higher incidences of Diabetes, Hypertension, Obesity, Malnutrition, Arthritis and Mental Illness along with an alarming rate of suicides.
  • The increasing amount of time spent browsing internet on smartphones, laptops and tablets along with absorption in social media.

Our Team

So I go first in the short introduction of our team and then are the rest of my marvelous friends…




Sohiab Bin Nawaz, medical graduate, with experience in almost all the fields of Internet Industry, founder of Cybcom Healthcare and holding the position of CEO.





Saqib Ameen, Computer Scientist, a veteran in web designing, is an integral part of our team as Project Director.



Sunaina Ameen, Masters in IT, experienced in social media marketing holds the positions of Marketing Director and Chief Analyst simultaneously.



Dr Mubin Tahir, medical professional, is the one you should be thankful to for holding the position of Research Director.



Ihsan Qadir, engineering graduate, is the person without whom you would know all our flaws and holds the position of Content Moderator.



Dr. Waqas Sajad, medical professional, is the one who saves you from the worries of anything going wrong by being our Technical Moderator and Medical Advisor.

And last but not the least is our Accountant in Tooting, Interface Accountancy.

Our Target

When you know our story and understand our motivation, our target is quite clear. It is straight in front of us just a little too far. But we knew the hurdles when we all started this. On plus side things are simple and all we want to achieve is improvement in the health standard of people around us worldwide so that there is an increased satisfaction from life in everyone’s own little world. We wanna make regret, disappointment and intolerance scarce rather extinct in your lives.

A healthier body, A healthier life. Because we believe that…

A better body and better health ensures THE BEST LIFE.