Pros and Cons of Water Fasting Weight Loss Diet

weight loss diet

Pros and Cons of Water Fasting Weight Loss Diet plan largely depend upon the way you are following it. Ya of course I can not give MY decree just to a string of words and publish how harmful is water fasting or how useful is water fasting weight loss. Water fasting weight loss is a string of words spread across internet and I can not talk about its benefits or flaws unless I elaborate what I personally mean by it. So I am going to give you MY idea of water…

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Top 3 Healthy Recipes for Kids

Kid's Diet

Healthy recipes for kids bring a lot of benefits because it enhances their immunity and physical well being in the childhood as well as ensures improved health and fitness in later years. Now there is a thing, kid’s nutrition is one of the most cared yet one of the most under-performed skill by recent day parents. You may say that it  is due to lack of knowledge but I would like to disagree on the grounds that it is one of the most sought out idea by parents and they try…

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Nutritional Need for Running Weight Loss


Running Weight Loss is healthier way out for those who are active in life style and choosy in kitchen. And for the ones who want to lose weight real fast; it is the ultimate need. Let me elaborate things a bit scientifically to let you understand or even compare the roles of diet and nutrition to the exercise and running. Changes in our body weight or building of our body is affected by a lot of factors. You might be thinking the choices and likeness of your girlfriend or boyfriend is…

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