How to Mange Your Weight? ABC of Losing or Gaining Weight!

This eBook will let you know the problems associated with abnormal body weight. Whether you are underweight or overweight; there are certain drawbacks to not being in the ideal body shape. Many health conditions are associated with this and you need to be concerned about it due to this. You will be told about the source of these problems and a brief description of the causes that may lead to an abnormal weight. There is an overview of the possible solutions to the problem and analytical review of those possible approaches.

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Science of Diet and Weight: An Understanding to Lose or Gain Weight!

To be a part of weight management program, it is good to know some basics of this science. Although detailed study is done by professionals and long researches have been conducted before this book was prepared for you; there are a few concepts you should be familiar with. Human body indexes are important concept in studies of abnormal weight and the possible ways to restore normal weight. Study of BMI gives idea about the deviation of a person’s weight from a normal range while the study of BMR is necessary to plan a program to bring the weight of a person back in the normal range. This is all theoretical unless practical approaches are made to manage weight. For this purpose, concept of foods and calories must be understood at least on a beginner’s level. Knowing the basics about the food groups and caloric values have a positive effect on the success of a weigh management program.

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Dealing with Components of Diet: Tricks to Lose or Gain Weight!

This eBook deals with the various components of diet that are mixed in varying proportions to make up an endless list of recipes available to us. All these food components have their own classes, sources, features and benefits. This chapter includes lessons on these components of diet covering briefly the nutritional aspects of those components. This will help you understand the meal plans much better. Each lesson also includes tips about individual components of diet related to their role in weight management. Here is another place to read this.

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Secrets Science of Weight Management: Ultimate Guide to Lose or Gain Weight!

This eBook includes some general tips on managing your weight. Some daily life tips and some exercises that will make these diet plans work a lot better than any other product in the market. Some basic tips are included which one should become habitual of during these plans. They will act to bring changes with much more speed and as a positive feedback mechanism make the continuity of diet plan easier. Then there are some instructions that must be followed so that no one falls ill after following these plans. A few postures are included along with a facial exercise so that you get an ideal body along with a desired weight.

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