John Goodman Weight Loss Exercises

John Goodman weight loss story does not just involve a starving meal routine rather it has a few very potent exercises. In this article, I will first talk about the importance of these weight loss exercises and then there are pretty simple instructions on how to perform these stretches.

So what had you thought while reading the title of this post? You imagined me telling you some aerobic exercises sweating you for hours? Trust me, you are absolutely wrong. This article is no way near an instruction to practice for a marathon or burn 1000 calories every evening. This is something different. And let me tell you that these stretches are more important than anything I mentioned in preceding lines.

Whenever you lose weight; DO NOT FORGET TO TELL YOUR BODY “From where to burn fat.”

Above line says it all about the need of stretches during a weight loss plan. John Goodman attained a low weight and perfect shape body owing to this reinforced action of low caloric diet and stretches that shape your body into a desirable model. When you eat less calories than you require based upon BMR there is dissolution of fat from the body. This fat may come from anywhere like your cheeks, shoulders, back of hands or thighs. Yoga for Weight Loss helps to steer this loss of fat in a desired way and you will get a flat belly, sexy thighs, bigger calves along with attractive cheeks and cute hands and shoulders.

Without appropriate stretches and exercise the weight loss is not only occurring from undesirable body parts but it is also very disproportionate and you may just ruin whole your look. Have I made my point? Because if this is so then we can cut short this boring part and move onto John Goodman Weight Loss exercises which can benefit you to transform your body into a lovely shape.

Here you go with the four yoga stretches which will ensure the transformation of your body into a perfect shape when you are on a weight loss diet plan.


John Goodman Weight Loss exercises

Child’s Pose

(Total Time 8 mins)

4 sessions each for 2mins.

John Goodman weight loss exercises

Cobra Pose

(Total Time 5 mins)

2 sessions first for 2 mins next for 3 mins.
yoga for weight loss

Locust Pose

(Total Time 6mins)

3 sessions for 1, 2 and 3 mins.
John Goodman weight loss

Bridge Pose

(Total Time 4 mins)

First 2 minutes with support and next 2 minutes without support (as in image).

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