Top 3 Healthy Recipes for Kids

Healthy recipes for kids
bring a lot of benefits because it enhances their immunity and physical well being in the childhood as well as ensures improved health and fitness in later years. Now there is a thing, kid’s nutrition is one of the most cared yet one of the most under-performed skill by recent day parents. You may say that it  is due to lack of knowledge but I would like to disagree on the grounds that it is one of the most sought out idea by parents and they try to learn a lot about it. What I believe is that healthy recipes are not part of Kid’s meal plan because parents lack real motivation and proper orientation. Weight Loss Quotes will tell you more about this.

Parents are not able to appreciate the fact the Kid’s nutrition does not mean better health during childhood instead it is the first step towards more fitness in adulthood and better life in old age years. Parents are contented by satiable levels of child’s health but this does not mean a kid is properly nurtured. Suitable diet and proper nutrition will ensure  a lot more than this.Healthy recipes for kids food being cooked

I will be providing healthy recipes for kids below which are good for your child’s health. These recipes will help check weight in control, ensure overall fitness and improve child’s immune system.

Here are magical recipes for your kid.

  1. This is the first recipe and it has a magical property. Brown rice are not only a nutrition in themselves but also improve the nutritional value of other meals taken on the same day by helping the absorption of essential nutrients. To cook this delicious recipe Cut the pepper in half length ways and stuff it with all the other ingredients and add spices of your choice. Enjoy with your favorite dressing. List goes here;
    1. Brown rice (cooked) 4tbsp
    2. Pine nuts 1tbsp
    3. Onions (chopped) 1tbsp
    4. Tomato (chopped) 1tbsp
    5. Low fat cheese 1tbsp
    6. Red pepper 1pc
  2. This recipe is special for it’s own reasons. Some kids in early years develop neonatal jaundice which imparts yellow eyes and skin. This recipes helps to cure hepatitis yellow eyes and skin and improves liver function of children as well as adults. Recipe is quite easy and all you have to do is mix yogurt and strawberries and add to the defrosted tropical fruit. Ingredients you need are;
    1. Tropical Fruits (defrosted) 250g
    2. Fresh Strawberries 100g
    3. Low fat yogurt 100g
  3. This recipe has only one special thing and that makes it dominate other Kid Recipes. It has all essential food components. Carbohydrates, Proteins, Fats and Oils, Mineral and Vitamins too. So just don’t wait. Hurry up and cook something for your kid. Take these ingredients;
    1. Pasta (cooked) 2bowls
    2. Tuna (canned) 1cup
    3. Cucumber (chopped) ½ cup
    4. Carrot (grated) ½ cup
    5. Low fat Cheese 1tbsp
    6. Low Fat mayo 1tbsp

Mix pasta and tuna in a large bowl and add cheese and mayo. Top with cucumber and carrot and season with your favorite spices.

So hit me up with your comments and let others know which recipe would you try first. Do not forget to share this post with your friends on social media.

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